12. Join The Fight To End Medical Tyranny

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12. Join The Fight To End Medical Tyranny

Dr. Toni Bark On Dangerous Vaccine Mandates: “there’s no true safety studies”

Join The Fight To End Medical Tyranny

So, now you’ve decided to be 100% vaccine free for yourself and your family and you are absolutely confident in your decision but there’s only one small problem: governments everywhere are mandating vaccines for our children, and even adults, and being vaccine free has become an extreme challenge! What can you do, you ask? A lot! In fact, if you do not get involved – if everyone does not get involved – there will come a time when it will be impossible to reject vaccines! For example, in New York, there’s a bill – A99 – that would send vaccine refusers to detention centers! So, it is imperative that EVERYONE get involved in this fight against vaccine mandates if we want to keep our bodily autonomy and so I hope you will join the fight in some capacity.

Why Challenge Vaccine Mandates?

  • The pharmaceutical industry wants to force vaccinate every man, woman and child on the planet and they will not stop until they have achieved this goal. Countries all around the globe have been overrun by the vaccine industry and now have vaccine mandates in place. This is a global problem and there’s nowhere to run.
  • Most vaccine mandates begin with the removal of an exemption for one of the vaccines, or all of them, and either the religious exemption or the philosophical one, or both, until they are all removed and medical exemptions are the only ones left, which are now impossible to obtain.
  • Medical exemptions are technically allowed, but doctors are reluctant to issue them, and in California the passage of SB276 and SB714 in 2019 assured that doctors would stop writing them with threat of prison time for writing “false” medical exemptions and the current and ongoing prosecution and persecution of doctors who have written them.
  • Adults are next: The HHS Healthy2020 Adult Vaccination Plan lays out the plans to enforce vaccine compliance “cradle to grave” for US Citizens while SB792 in California mandates vaccines for daycare workers. There is also the mandatory MMR vaccination for adults in New York City under penalty of a $1,000 fine (and originally 6 months in jail). Hospitals everywhere are firing those who do not comply with their yearly vaccination requirements. The purpose and reason to get rid of childhood exemptions is to usher in adult vaccine mandates, which will take the 50 billion dollar a year liability-free vaccine industry to a trillion dollar a year industry.
  • Vaccine mandates are the epitome of medical tyranny and we must fight this tyranny or we will succumb to it.

Parents: Join Us and Don’t Be Afraid To Challenge Vaccine Mandates

Why Activism Is Important

  • Civil duty
    • Life is participatory: if you don’t fight to make your voice heard, others will make decisions for you. Make it your civic duty to challenge vaccine mandates, because others are deciding you should be force vaccinated if you do not object and fight back.
  • Your children
    • Your children are worth fighting for. If you are not going to vaccinate them, what is left? To fight for them. Because if we do not roll this back, there will come a time when there will be no opt out.
  • Our future
    • What about your children’s children? And their children? We are fighting for them all. It is easier to stop a fire when it first starts, than after it has been burning for a while. We need to stop this in our generation – future generations will not be able to.

(2015) We Oppose CA SB277: Parents On Vaccine Injury, Parental Rights & Education

Learn The Topic!

The idea that it is a parental right to avoid vaccines is a dead argument that does not work with most with legislators. So long as legislators believe that an unvaccinated child can wipe out humanity, the parent rights argument will not work. Parents must now be highly educated about the vaccine topic. Hopefully, this series has given you an excellent starting point for your education! Review it all for maximum understanding. And, share it with your friends, family and social media contacts.

Here some additional educational resources:

Fight Vaccine Mandates With These Proven Action Steps

Talk With Legislators

If vaccine mandates and vaccine mandate bills are going to be stopped, legislators must be educated, and know that you are going to do everything you can to keep them accountable, and that means talking with your elected officials.

Michelle Maher Ford of the Vaccine-Injury Awareness League gives us a complete rundown on how to fight vaccine mandates by finding your vaccine skeptic tribe, following the National Vaccine Information Center updates, finding your legislators and most importantly, how to communicate with your legislators about vaccine topics (including vaccine injury, vaccine facts and vaccination problems).

  1. Find your tribe:
    Review my TAKE ACTION page to find a group or org in your state to connect with – it’s best to connect with others who are already established
    Join our Facebook group
    Join our Back-Up Group
  2. Get in touch with the National Vaccine Information Center AND join their Advocacy Portal
  3. Know your legislators:
    Sign up for their email updates and go to their functions
  4. Treat legislative staff with respect.
  5. Get the Vaccine Injury Compensation Report:
  6. Stay focused on the specifics of the bill as opposed to generalized information that is outside the scope of the bill. Be laser focused on why you oppose or agree with the bill and be specific.
  7. Stay calm and friendly when talking with legislators and their staff.
  8. Meet with your legislators regularly.
  9. Try to connect with freedom groups in your state who rate legislators based on their voting record. Make sure to pay attention to how they are voting. Unfortunately sometimes legislators can be educated and still choose to ignore your pleas. Have a back-up plan for what the health freedom advocates will do in your state if your representatives choose not to represent you.

Find Your Tribe

Let’s say you’re opposed to vaccine mandates and you want to get involved. The first thing that you might want to do if you haven’t done it already is find your local tribe. You’ve got to find like-minded people who are going to partner with you in this process, because it can be really challenging to try to do it on your own. So search for groups and organizations in social media and take a look at the Take Action page on Stop Mandatory Vaccination.

Track The Bills

You will also want to connect with the National Vaccine Information Center. They keep track of bills that happen. And they keep their site updated regularly. Once on their website, you can input your email address and a little bit of information about yourself, like where you live and stuff, and then they will send you alerts that are state specific to you. So that way you’ll know when you need to get involved and you’ll know if there’s a bill that needs support because they will tell you if there’s a bill that’s friendly to our situation.

Get To Know Your Legislators

Relationship building is something that’s vitally important. It also can take some time. So whether or not you have a bill happening in your state right now, there’s not a better time than the immediate moment to get yourself involved.

Your Elected Officials

You have two state level legislators: a senator and a representative. Do a Google search based on where you live to determine who your legislators are. Go to their websites and sign up for their updates. They may have a calendar of events. You want to be involved to know when they’re having a coffee thing or some sort of a community event. You want to be a regular face that they see because that’s what the lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry are doing. They’re showing up to all their events – they’re being in their ear. They’re reminding them that they need to vote their way.

Why You Must Meet Your Elected Representatives

If they don’t have countering voices from people in the community, they may cast their vote for Pahrma. So you need to be an influencer too by showing up and being a person that they can trust and be a person that’s giving them factual and accurate information.

It is vitally important to treat the staff with as much respect as you would a legislator, because they often give the legislator advice about how to vote or have influence over their vote.

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

So one of the things to take is a printout of the Vaccine Injury Compensation report. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is funded by an excise tax that’s added onto every dose of vaccine that’s given. So it’s a 75 cent per dose tax that goes into this fund. And the fund is supposed to be available for individuals who are experiencing an adverse side effect. This started to be funded in 1989 after the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was passed and ratified in 1988.

From 1989 through the present day (2019) this fund has paid out over $4.2 billion for vaccine-related side effects. But a study was recently done that showed only 1% of people even knew about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to begin with.

That is 4.2 billion dollars on a 1% notification rate. So can you imagine if everybody who suffered a side effect knew to report it and knew to go through the vaccine court? But this is a very useful tool because your legislators are so busy they probably do not know about this program or the payout. In some states they have upwards of 3,000 bills to consider in a single legislative session. So you can’t expect them to be experts on this subject. So you need to go in there with relevant real data that they can use when they’re considering their vote.

Stay Focused On The Bill

Stick to the tenets of the bill that you disagree with and why that bill is going to be bad as opposed to talking about the topic in general. For example, if the bill is about the MMR vaccine, you would not want to talk about the HPV vaccine.

Focus on the failure of the vaccine (the MMR for example). Focus on the harm that is being caused by the vaccine. Religious exemptions are being removed because “public health” trumps personal beliefs. Even with 100% vaccination rates, our population will be at an ever-increasing risk of outbreaks because any potential immunity wanes and leaves us all vulnerable to infection again. Everyone needs to know how ineffective and unsafe vaccines really are. Because personal beliefs aren’t enough to stop mandates.

You Won’t Get Much Time

Go prepared, have your talking points ready to go, and have your resources that you can leave with them. If you’re respectful, and you are honest, and you are open and sympathetic to that they don’t have very much time and that they can’t possibly be an expert, if you stick to the bulleted points, and you are rational, and calm, and friendly, and wonderful, they’re going to respond in kind.

Go in there with confidence that you know something that they don’t know, but that they need to know it. They’re about to make a decision about your child’s life, and your life potentially, and they are relying on people to give them accurate information, so that if they do have a staff that’s following up on your talking points, that everything that you provided to them is backed up by fact.

If you’re prepared, then you can confidently say you did everything that you could do. And by the way, it doesn’t hurt to have more than one appointment with the same office, because sometimes bills get amended and things happen and you want to stay on top of it so that you can go in with any revised talking points as things change. And if they had a great experience with you the first time they’ll probably let you come back.

VACCINE MANDATES: Is It “Herd Immunity” OR Is It Vaccine Failure?

Additional Legislative Notes

Most effective Legislator meetings:
• Constituent to arrange meeting
• Vaccine injured child with parent or parents to tell their story
• Representative or leader for your state group there to “represent thousands of member VOTERS across the state.”

Keep science to a bare minimum to make your point. Create a 4-6 page “legislator packet” which should include the 1965-present schedule along with the 1986 act. This packet should be the same one given to ALL elected official that your organization meets with so the message stays UNIFIED. The media chants the mantra that vaccines are “safe and effective” so Medical Freedom groups need to chant that medical mandates are “unethical.”

Argument should stay focused on it being unethical for government to bypass parents and make health decisions for children even IF there is only a “small percentage” of perceived “risk.” Explain why the unvaccinated are NOT a risk to society.

Let the representative know that your members are “one issue” voters because vaccine choice is their number one priority.

Meet IN DISTRICT whenever possible!! Most parents and advocates with injured children have limited time and resources so it is much easier to meet close to home! Not only that, but it is also a more relaxed setting so parents feel more comfortable and it’s easier to remember that the legislator works for YOU!

Political Leadership Training


Social Media

Even though our ability to reach people in social media has been seriously curtailed by social media companies through censorship, we still need to use these resources to the best of our ability to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. If we are going to win this war being waged against us and our children we need to have the courage to post and post often.

If you are on Facebook, I suggest accepting most friend requests and also send friend requests to known activists so you can expand your reach and influence. Build your audience on your personal profile – this is now very important since Pages are being heavily censored. Post often and post a variety of content to reach as many people as possible.

When you post to social media, remember that your audience is those on the fence and not the hardcore pro-vaxxers. There’s nothing you can do for the hardcore pro-vaxxers – they have their minds made up. Block them and move on and focus on parents and others who are questioning. Support other activists as well by sharing their posts, and never publicly criticize other activists. Publicly criticizing other activists divides our efforts and does nothing for the cause. As the old saying goes: you do you.

Create Your Own Social Activist Brand

If you want to take your activism to the next level, consider starting your own brand for awareness building, which could include a website, email list, Facebook Page and much more. Some examples include:

Share to save the children

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