2. What Really Saved Us From Disease?

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2. What Really Saved Us From Disease?

Their Vaccine Free Children Are Strong, Healthy and Smart!

Sanitation, Nutrition and Holistic Medicine

Death from infections declined dramatically prior to the introduction of most vaccines due to better sanitation (plumbing and waste removal), improved nutrition, refrigeration to prevent food spoilage, water treatment, the use of powerful natural and holistic healing remedies, the ending of child labor and the overall improvement in standards of living, which allowed for robust immune systems and the ability to go through the infection process unscathed. For example, death from measles in the USA declined 99.96% before the vaccine was ever introduced.

A healthy immune system has the ability to go through the infection process without incident in the vast majority of cases; and if there are complications, these are typically due to nutrient deficiencies or other treatment or susceptibility issues.

This is one reason why individuals living in developing nations can suffer complications and die of nearly any health ailment that those of us living in developed nations are not concerned about.

It’s terrain theory: People used to live in filth and with filth all around them their entire terrain, without proper nutritional support, suffering nutrient deficiencies – their internal and external environment was already so contaminated and compromised that an infection could easily kill them.

These people aren’t dying due to a lack of vaccines, but a lack of healthy internal and external terrain. To say that a vaccine would have prevented the infection or complications from infection is to believe vaccines are fully effective even though they are not actually ever tested for real world effectiveness.

Understanding of the history of vaccination and how vaccines never actually saved us from being harmed by infections – and if anything, have ultimately made our situation worse – can be found in Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD seminal work, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History.

Drinking water treatment began in 1908 in New Jersey. https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/drinking/history.html

Improved nutrition played the largest role in the decline in mortality from infectious disease in the 20th century. https://bit.ly/2S4oIjl

Environmental regulations like the Clean Water Act (originally the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, in 1948 and continuing amendments), the Air Pollution Control Act in 1955 and the Clean Air Act in 1963 also played a role by reducing toxic exposure.

We are not afraid of many diseases that we don’t vaccinate for. We fear only those with an associated vaccine. On a daily basis we are not afraid of TB, AIDS, cholera, rheumatoid fever, scarlet fever, 5th disease, rabies, West Nile virus and so on. While they occur, these diseases don’t ratchet up our fear in the same way that diseases associated with vaccinating would.

Hand Washing
Doctors used to perform autopsies and then go deliver babies, without washing their hands, and those babies had a VERY HIGH mortality rate. When doctors were informed that this was probably the cause of their high infant mortality, they ignored and mocked the information and continued doing so. As Dr. Humphries says in her book, Dissolving Illusions, “Vaccines are lauded as the greatest gift to humanity when, in fact, had doctors simply washed their hands, they would have prevented countless millions of deaths and raised the life expectancy curve markedly.” Page 57

Child Labor
Children were employed in industry, including coal mines, and worked long hours in terrible and filthy conditions, which took a huge toll on their health. When combined with living in squalor and filth and poor nutrition, an infection – any infection – could take them out. The development of child labor laws helped to reduce their exposure to terrible working conditions that had compromised their health.

Homeopathy Worked The Best
During the 19th century, homeopathy (a discipline of natural medicine) flourished, and death rates from cholera, typhoid, and scarlet fever in homeopathic hospitals were between 1/2 and 1/8 of those in conventional (allopathic) hospitals. Yet, when the American Medical Association was founded in 1847, a clause was placed in its code of ethics stating that any member who consulted with a homeopath would be kicked out of the membership. Doctors who did were indeed banished from the newly formed, powerful organization.

Until 1910, holistic therapies were taught in most medical schools, while the extensive use of drugs as therapy was taught in just a few. That changed when John D. Rockefeller and the AMA hired Abraham Flexner, a high school teacher, to “evaluate” the effectiveness of therapies taught in medical schools around the country. His findings were published in the Flexner Report, which basically denounced natural/holistic therapies and embraced drug-based medicine.

Congress followed the recommendations of the report and empowered the American Medical Association (AMA) to certify or de-certify any medical school in the country on the grounds of whether or not that school met the AMA’s standards of “approved” medicine. Thus, the natural/holistic healing schools and communities were decimated, and the number of homeopathic medical schools dropped from 600 to 50 within 15 years (by 1925).

The AMA gained a new foothold of power to decide what is and isn’t medicine, and has worked ever since to discredit, persecute and outlaw natural therapies. In 1977 the Declaration of Alma Ata gave the World Health Organization (controlled by the United Nations) the means to extend the Flexner Report not only in North America, but throughout the entire world!


Mandatory Smallpox Vaccine Increased Death Rate
There is an abundance of historical data that shows the smallpox vaccine was not the “silver bullet” that many believe was solely responsible for saving the world from the scourge of smallpox. To the contrary, the vaccine may have done more harm than good. There were many smallpox epidemics in Europe during the second half of the 19th century in which the vast portion of those who died from the disease had been vaccinated. By 1901, more people in the United Kingdom had died from the smallpox vaccine than from the disease itself.

Perhaps the most famous example of a case in which a large community was highly vaccinated against smallpox due to mandatory vaccination laws but still suffered a severe outbreak of the disease was the city of Leicester, England in 1872. Bystrianyk and Dr. Humphries write that after that outbreak the people of Leicester, “voted out of power their town government, and replaced it with one which created a smallpox safety system: laws were passed which made vaccination voluntary, established a rapid notification and quarantine system, including specially trained personnel, and comfortable quarantine facilities for anyone exposed to the index (initial) case.” The method, known as the “Leicester Method,” worked. Quarantine was the biggest factor in smallpox eradication.

Smallpox Overview

Vaccines Destroy Immune Balance Through Abnormal Route Of Entry & Toxic Ingredients

What About Polio?
There was a lot of fear mongering in the media over polio in the 50s and 60s. At the height of the epidemic in 1952, polio affected 0.03% of the US population, and most cases of polio that year did not have paralysis associated with the illness (more often *temporary* muscle weakness or partial paralysis).

The diagnostic criteria for polio was changed. “Polio” was renamed, or what doctors diagnosed as polio prior to the vaccine was not confirmed to be caused by the polio virus. Prior to the introduction of the vaccine, doctors could diagnose and report cases of polio-like illness as polio without actually testing for the virus to confirm. In addition, doctors were financially incentivized to report polio cases, because the federal government would provide funding for medical practices which had documented polio cases.

After the vaccine, the diagnostic criteria was changed. Doctors were required to test for polio, which created an artificial drop in polio cases. It was found that several other viruses can present similarly to polio, causing polio-like symptoms and illness. As confirmed polio cases dropped, cases of GBS, aseptic meningitis, and transverse myelitis increased.

In addition, prior to the vaccine, cases could be diagnosed and reported as “polio” if an individual had cold symptoms and temporary muscle weakness or partial paralysis (no lasting paralysis required for polio diagnosis). After the vaccine, cases could not be reported as polio unless there was paralysis in one or more limbs for over 60 days. This change also contributed to the artificial drop in polio cases.

The pesticide DDT was sprayed on literally everything and everyone and this extremely toxic pesticide also caused paralysis or symptoms similar to “polio.”

Changing oral vaccine to inactivated polio vaccine might increase mortality“On average, about 75 cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis are reported each year worldwide, and WHO has suggested that OPV be gradually replaced by inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) to reduce the number of such cases. Results from a randomized trial in 2015 suggest that OPV might have beneficial non-specific effects that reduce all-cause mortality by 17%, possibly to a greater extent in boys than in girls, whereas previous evidence suggests that IPV increases all-cause mortality by 10%. Consequently, the proposed change from OPV to IPV might lead to increased all-cause mortality through loss of the beneficial non-specific effects of the live vaccine, and adverse non-specific effects of the inactivated vaccine. Replacement of OPV with IPV could translate to approximately 4000 deaths for each case of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis prevented, and might cause more than 300,000 additional deaths each year.


The polio vaccine also killed and maimed countless children and infected millions with the cancer causing SV40 virus.

“Vaccination: The Hidden Truth” is a good documentary that covers the polio issue (older, free on the internet). Truth about the polio vaccines – Chicago Tribune Article from March 1961.

More here: https://www.ageofautism.com/the-age-of-polio-explosion.html

Here’s The Good News About Getting The Measles: Lifelong Immunity


According to leading scientists of that time, childhood diseases like measles, whooping cough, and polio, were no longer deadly threats to children or communities by the time vaccines were introduced on a large scale in the 1950s and 60s (and chicken pox was never considered deadly). Alexander Langmuir, MD, now called the “father of epidemiology,” wrote specifically about measles and vaccines in a 1962 issue of the Journal of Public Health, saying measles were a “self-limiting infection of short duration, moderate severity, and low fatality” yet they created the vaccine because it could be done. (See Myth #1: We Need Vaccines)

CDC mortality statistics from 1900 -1984 show that all the diseases for which we now vaccinate had declined by 90-99% before wide-scale vaccination programs started. The actual public health measures responsible for this decline of mortality were: modern sanitation and sewer systems, access to better nutrition and clean water, passage of child labor laws, and lifting more people out of poverty. When we are healthy – truly healthy – infections are not a deadly threat. (See Myth #2: Vaccines Saved Lives)

The death rate from measles had dropped 99.96% prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1963. Death rate diminishes as plumbing and other advancements happen before vaccines are introduced – https://bit.ly/2HqLGNG and https://bit.ly/30A5DJv

Hundreds of infants and children in the US have contracted measles in the last 15 years but none have died of measles. The only individual confirmed to have died of measles in the past 15 years was a fully vaccinated, chronically ill woman who was taking immune suppressing medications (her immune system was unable to respond to or clear the infection), and the doctors did not even know she had measles until after she passed.

Proper nutrition, hygiene, clean drinking water, and rest are the biggest factors in the infectious disease severity. A body that is well taken care of will not suffer complications of temporary infectious disease. The ultimate purpose of temporary infections is to benefit the body. Breast milk is nature’s immune system protection for infants and toddlers during their more vulnerable stages of life.

Vaccine Free Mom Doesn’t Worry About Her Kids Dying From Disease

The Rest Of The Diseases
The stories are similar for the rest of the diseases (infections) that vaccines have been created for, and for future vaccines as well (nearly 300 in the pipeline!). Do children and adults die from infections? Of course they do. But their fate or plight is not a result of not being vaccinated, especially when we consider that the vaccination process destroys immune capacity (discussed later). The real enemy here is poor health, inadequate nutrition and a lack of true healing medicine found in Whole Food Nutrition, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic, among other alternative healing modalities. By and large, a healthy body, especially when treated with true alternative medicine, has an extremely high probability of going through an infection process and coming out the other side with an even stronger immune system as well as lifelong immunity to that current infection.

What saved us from diseases? Healthy bodies, not vaccines.


As An Unvaccinated Child He Was Healthier Than His Vaccinated Friends

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