10. Staying Vaccine Free In A Hostile World

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10. Staying Vaccine Free In A Hostile World

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The Fight To Be Vaccine Free

Although there has always been a struggle to raise a vaccine free child to one degree or another, a historically defining moment came in 2015 when California Senator Richard Pan launched SB277, a bill that would remove the ability to get an exemption from vaccination – except a medical exemption – in order to attend private or public school. Before SB277 the biggest fight was informing parents that vaccine exemptions exist in 48 states and how to use them.

Today, five states now ban all exemptions except medical exemptions (California, Mississippi, West Virginia, Maine, New York) and getting a medical exemption in these states is nearly impossible as well. In 2019 California passed SB276, which effectively eliminates all medical exemptions – past, present and future. More states will likely follow in the coming years. Before we talk about solutions, let’s go over the three vaccine exemptions since 45 states still allow at least one non-medical exemption.

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Vaccine Exemptions

There are three types of exemptions that allow a child to attend school without being vaccinated: Personal, Religious and Medical.

Philosophical / Personal Belief Exemption

This type of exemption is for individuals who hold conscientious objections to one or more vaccines. Less than half of the U.S. states allow for an exemption to vaccination based on philosophical, personal or conscientiously held beliefs.

Religious Exemption

The religious exemption is intended for people who hold a sincere religious belief opposing vaccination to the extent that if the state forced vaccination, it would be an infringement on their constitutional right to exercise their religious beliefs. A state must have a “compelling State interest” before this right can be taken away. Limiting the spread of serious communicable diseases has been defined as a “compelling State interest” in court cases after the 1905 U.S. Supreme Court decision Jacobson v. Massachusetts affirmed the right of states to mandate smallpox vaccine.

Medical Exemption

All 50 states allow medical exemption to vaccination. In most states, a medical exemption must be written by a medical doctor (M.D.) or doctor of osteopathy (D.O.). Some states also allow other state-designated health care workers to certify that the administration of one or more state mandated vaccines would be detrimental to the health of an individual. However, very few doctors are willing to write a medical exemption, and in California the number of medical exemptions each doctor can write has been limited to just 4 per year without being investigating for possible fraud, and doctors who write medical exemptions are being persecuted and prosecuted by both the government and by the medical board. It is extremely difficult to get a medical exemption in the current climate of hostility towards those who do not vaccinate, mainstream media demonization of doctors who write medical exemptions and the risk of losing a medical license for issuing a medical exemption.

Your State’s Exemption Laws

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has been keeping track of vaccine laws and exemption requirements since 1982 and have up-to-date details on every state and current vaccine law. You can find out about your state’s vaccine exemption law by going to this page on their website:


Securing Your Vaccine Exemption

Review the NVIC exemption information for your particular state and then follow the directions to get your child’s exemption. There are advantages and disadvantages to each vaccine exemption so it’s best to give it some thought as to which one you will seek to obtain.

Asking other parents in a vaccine education group who are in your state and have already filed exemptions, can also help you clarify the steps required to obtain an exemption.

If You Are Unable To Secure An Exemption

Many parents believe that their only choice is to vaccinate their child if they are unable to secure an exemption to attend school. But not only is this not true, it is also a dangerous proposition for the child. There is no test to determine how a child will react to vaccination and the belief that a child can simply be “detoxed” after the fact is misguided at best, and dangerous at worst. Severe harm, and even death, can result from vaccination and a “detox” will not reverse that. If you are in a position where you believe you must vaccinate in order for your child to attend school, there are other options that do not involve risking your child’s life: Homeschooling and moving out of state.

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Many parents have opted to homeschool their children rather than vaccinate in order for them to attend public or private school. In fact, many parents have said they love homeschooling their children! Here are some bullet points about homeschooling:

  • Why to homeschool
    • Quality time with your children, raising them with the values and ideals that are important to you and that can be passed to your next generation.
    • Allows flexibility of schedule and ability to go at the pace that meets the needs of each individual child.
    • Most work through the elementary ages can be completed in about three hours at home (or less!) versus seven hours at public school followed by one plus hours of homework and then de-programming of things learned at school that do not align with family principles.
    • Don’t worry or panic about the idea of homeschooling. Quote from a short, easy to read book by Durenda Wilson, “The Unhurried Homeschooler”:
      • “Children are adept at learning on their own, in their own way. Be a student of your child, observing what strikes interest and curiosity in them. Trust and respect their natural ability to learn.”
    • Setting up your homeschool
      • Most states require you to submit a form to apply to homeschool that includes a basic outline of what curriculum you plan to use. If you were in public school previously and using a vaccine exemption and want to avoid the possibility of a school trying to find your child “truant” because they “never received your application” then your best bet is to send it certified mail.
    • Resources
    • Foreseeable problems
      • In California the LA Times has run at least two stories targeting the unvaccinated homeschooled children and I expect legislation to be launched to outlaw unvaccinated homeschooled children. If in fact this comes to pass in California, we can expect it to become illegal to homeschool unvaccinated children in other states as well where vaccine exemptions have been destroyed. They may put additional restrictions on homeschooling and move towards outlawing homeschooling, or they may require homeschoolers to submit immunization records and be subject to mandates.

Vaccines Are NOT Safe: Vaccination Damages 4-Month-Old Baby For Years


Moving Out Of State

Many parents have opted to flee tyranny and to move to a state where they can still choose whether or not to vaccinate their child. Of course, moving is never easy, but moving is assuredly better than raising a vaccine damaged child or burying one killed by vaccines because of tyrannical laws.

What we know is this: the vast majority of vaccine mandate bills originate from Democrats and the vast majority of elected Democrats vote for vaccine mandates while the vast majority of elected Republicans vote against vaccine mandates. Therefore, when deciding where to move to, the most logical decision is to select a state that is a Republican stronghold. To take it a step further, it may be wise to select a Republican stronghold state that still has all three exemptions available.

Many parents have opted to move to Texas or Idaho, though other states are also good selections. South Dakota or Oklahoma may also be good options.

Here are some resources to find a Red state to move to:



Vote Republican

If you vote Democrat it is time to reconsider your voting if you want to maintain bodily autonomy. The Democrats have proven repeatedly that they favor the forced vaccination of the population so please do not move to a Republican held state and vote Democrat. In fact, if you move to a Republican held state the best thing you can do is to get involved and help ensure TRUE Republicans are voted into office. Unfortunately one problem in Red States is that candidates for office run as republicans, and when they get into office, they vote as a democrat. You must PAY attention, or find groups who are paying attention, to how your representatives are voting, in order to maintain your freedoms. But in general, democrats are under extreme pressure to vote party line, and party line is the forced vaccination of the population.

Communicating Vaccine Status (what to say)

Before 2015 most parents simply did not talk about vaccine status to others because there was really no need to do so. They got their children vaccine exemptions, sent their kiddos to school and that was that – nothing to say or do after that happened. But now that vaccine mandates are being aggressively introduced each year and mainstream media is also very aggressively pushing for vaccine mandates and demonizing anyone who opposes, the topic is now at the forefront of everyone’s mind and conversations about the topic will surely happen.

So, what’s the BEST way to talk about your vaccine status to others? First and foremost, it is imperative that you become educated on the topic. This includes reading books, watching documentaries and of course, reviewing this entire online course! Before going “public” it is in your best interest to have a solid understanding of the topic so you can easily and quickly defend your position to others, including your family and friends. Not everyone will agree with you, but at least you will be able to make articulate arguments instead of just saying because you believe vaccines are unsafe or do not work. Here are some more tips: 

Communicating Vaccine Status To:

  • Friends and family
    • Let them bring up the topic (no need to poke the bear)
    • Ask them to watch the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe if they are on the fence
    • Mention the health of your children
    • Mention the historical fact that death from disease declined dramatically prior to vaccines due to better nutrition, sanitation, plumbing, clean drinking water, refrigeration/food storage, the ending of child labor, etc.
    • Mention non-liability for the vaccine industry and the 1986 law that shields vaccine makers
    • Explain the difference between natural immunity and vaccination (and that vaccination will eventually fail to protect our population as artificial immunity wanes.)
    • Discuss vaccine injury and the current payout of nearly 4.3 billion dollars by the federal government for vaccine injury and death
    • Mention that the HHS funded a study that found that less than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported because medical professionals are uneducated and unaware of vaccine injuries. (And therefore how much more would be paid out if doctors and parents knew their child’s health problems were because of vaccines).
    • Mention the 400 scientific studies by Neil Miller
    • Mention what is found on vaccine inserts
    • Ask them if they really trust that the same pharmaceutical companies, the same regulatory agencies like the FDA, and the same medical system, who have together allowed our population to become addicted to opiods, to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans with Vioxx and other drugs they knew would harm people (because they were caught falsifying data in clinical trials)… to be honest and trustworthy when it comes to vaccines?
    • If you are arguing with a pro-vaxxer family member or friend who you know won’t change their mind, don’t engage – change the topic or just refuse to engage.
  • Emergency room & medical professionals
    • Some parents simply state their child is up to date
    • Keep in mind that refusing “standard of care” might cause the doctor to call CPS, which can include refusing to vaccinate
    • You could say your child had a reaction (if true) and that you do not vaccinate
    • You could say “we do not vaccinate because [xyz]” and then just repeat that over and over again
    • If you are refusing the DTaP (tetanus) you could say that the shot would not help the current situation even if your child does have tetanus. (Because it takes two weeks to develop antibodies, AND there are studies showing that you can have anti-tetanus antibodies and still contract tetanus.)
  • CPS
    • If CPS is saying you need to vaccinate, it’s important to get an attorney and a doctor on your side ASAP.
    • Be sure you know the law: right now, there are no laws (that I am aware of) that mandates vaccination for the “health” of the child – this would probably be a “standard of care” argument – which is why you need a doctor on your side ASAP.
  • Medical kidnap
    • Children have been kidnapped by the State when parents refuse to vaccinate; again, usually because they went against a doctor’s orders. This is yet another reason to have a vaccine free doctor willing to defend your right to be vaccine free.
  • In social media
    • There is no point in arguing with pro-vaxxers, especially the trolls who will never change their minds.
    • The more you learn about why you are vaccine free, the better you can discuss your views on social media. There are dozens of arguments you could make, depending on the context. You can also share other people’s posts and websites that give articulate reasons. The key here is to keep learning so you can defend what you put into social media. Using credible sources is key.
  • In court during custody battle
    • Most courts will side with the prevailing medical opinion, and that means vaccination. If you are in a medical custody battle it is extremely important that you find a medical doctor to testify on your behalf; or at least write a letter on your behalf that you can submit to the court. Most courts side with vaccination.
    • If your spouse wins in court, which happens often, and your children are court ordered to be vaccinated, here are some things to do:
      • Video record your children! Video record your children before and after. Be sure to see them walking, talking, making eye contact, etc. Hold the camera still and record for long periods.
      • Do everything possible to space out the vaccines.
      • Give your children high dose vitamin C and NAC supplements before and after the vaccinations.
      • Bentonite clay (in water & baths), epsom salt baths, allow your children to be active and sweat if they are able to. Aluminum is eliminated via kidneys/urine and sweat.
      • Silica-rich mineral water.
      • Look into CEASE therapy BEFORE the vaccination process begins. This is homeopathic detox. cease-therapy.com
      • Ask the court to put into writing that the spouse must pay for any vaccine damage rehabilitation that occurs, including mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment, vitamin C IVs, and a long list of other natural therapies (see the vaccine injury section for more detail). Try to make sure that this demand is truly heard and discussed during the court process.
  • Join support groups!

 Parent Concerns and Special Situations

  • What about the vaccinated shedding or spreading to the unvaccinated
    • Is this different from “wild” strains if contracted
  • What about tetanus
  • What about rabies
  • Why are there disease outbreaks
  • What about chickenpox parties
  • Keep in mind it is illegal in most states to deliberately cause someone to get a disease
  • What if a child does not get an infection (e.g. chickenpox)
    • Does not mean child is not already immune or developing immunity. Sometimes infections present as mild colds and the child does not have to go through the entire experience to gain immunity.

How Dare You Cripple, Maim And Murder The Minds Of Our Children!


If You Must Vaccinate

Unfortunately, there are times when a child must be vaccinated, by court order for example, or a child was vaccinated without a parent’s consent (at a school, in the hospital, by a spouse/ex-spouse, etc.). Here are some protocols to consider if the child has a mild reaction (see the Vaccine Injury section if a severe reaction occurs):

  • CEASE Therapy
    • CEASE therapy is homeopathic detoxification. Find a CEASE practitioner at cease-therapy.com
    • You can also search for a homeopathic practitioner who treats vaccine injury
  • Vitamin C IVs
    • Vitamin C IVs are excellent ways to get massive amounts of nutrients into the body to help with overall function and immune building
  • Bentonite Clay
    • Bentonite clay, taken internally, pulls toxins out.
  • Silica-rich mineral water
    • Drink silica-rich water, like Fiji Water, because silica pulls out aluminum
  • Take high dose vitamin C and NAC supplements before and after the shots
  • Detoxification
    • Explore other methods of detoxification
  • Find a natural doctor to work with
  • Do mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment
  • Visit the vaccine injury section
  • Additional suggested therapies and remedies can be found at https://www.stopmandatoryvaccination.com/take-action/if-you-must-vaccinate/

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