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Hi. I’m Larry Cook…

For over thirty years I’ve been devoted to the natural living and natural health lifestyle and it all began when I went vegetarian in 1990. After I changed my diet I noticed an improvement in my health, an increase in energy, substantial weight loss and discovered that I found a lifestyle that I thoroughly enjoyed. Over the next ten years I would learn all about GMO food, health food stores, supplements, detoxification, holistic dentistry, natural medicine, herbs, Acupuncture, the dangers of water fluoridation, organic food, and a whole lot more, which then led me to launch a magazine in 2000 in Montana. After one year I sold that magazine, moved to Seattle and launched another natural health magazine. I sold that one after a year, moved to California for the third time and published my first book in 2005, The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living.

In 2015 I launched Stop Mandatory Vaccination as a way to reach more people about the vaccine anti-exemption bills being introduced across America and why we need to stop these atrocious bills before they become law. I used the GoFundMe platform to raise the funds necessary to launch the project and I have since enlisted the help of many people to accomplish the goals of the project. Over the course of the next five to six years I became a very well known anti-vaccine activist through my Facebook Page, Facebook Group and my personal Facebook profile. I reached millions of people all over the world every single month.

In 2019 Facebook severely censored my reach and influence (to 5%) at the behest of CA Congressman Adam Schiff (D) and at the end of 2020 Facebook permanently banned me. My Facebook Group had over 200,000 parents in it while my Facebook Page – prior to being censored – was reaching two to seven million people per month. Two hours after Facebook banned me, Twitter banned me. Instagram banned me two weeks later. YouTube banned me in 2021. I’ve also been banned by MailChimp, Pinterest, GoFundMe, Vimeo, and other Left-Leaning Democrat controlled platforms and technology.

But why? Why have I been banned by every entity that wants all of humanity force vaccinated?

Simple: when parents discover that vaccines do not work, only cause harm and that the unvaccinated are far healthier in every possible way compared to the vaccinated, parents stop vaccinating or never start, and this of course damages the nefarious plot straight out of death and hell to force vaccinate the entire global population with POISON under the guise of “health.” Parents who joined my Facebook Group – Stop Mandatory Vaccination – were indeed deciding not to vaccinate and this made headlines all around the world. So, I was ultimately banned everywhere.

Since I could no longer be an influencer, I changed my direction and I am now focused on my Unvaccinated Children Documentary Project, which is all about showing – primarily through video – the brilliance and health of the unvaccinated, especially children. These children are truly a beacon of hope for humanity!

You will notice that on this website there is a free course for parents that gives a very detailed yet sequential overview as to how and why to raise vaccine free children. I also include a forum so that parents can communicate with each other. I plan to create numerous family video overviews and I will also interview experts and continue to post those videos to this website. If you’d like to help me with my mission to reach as many parents as possible with this vital information, you can donate right here.

Thank you for your support!

~ Larry Cook

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Share to save the children

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