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WATCH our documentary to learn about Sophia, Jake and Quinn, all 100% unvaccinated:

In this fifteen-minute family documentary we learn that Sophia, Jake and Quinn have reached milestones early, have excelled academically, are incredibly healthy and well balanced, and why their parents never vaccinated them. Watch in high resolution and full screen!
Sophia is 10 years old
Artist and musician
Interview: Sophia loves school
“My children are not a threat…”
Jake is 8 years old
Lego expert and story maker
Interview: Jake recovers fast
“Our kids are healthy…”
Quinn is 2.5 years old
Family time is important
This dough became bread
Balls are a lot of fun

Vax Free Kids Are Healthy!

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Stories
By the time my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group with over 200,000 parents in it was shut down in 2020 by Facebook for promoting vaccine truth to the masses I had read hundreds upon hundreds of firsthand accounts by parents in my group who said exactly the same thing about their vaccinated and unvaccinated children: Their unvaccinated kids reached milestones sooner, got sick less often, got over illness faster, were far healthier, and didn’t have chronic health ailments such as ear infections, asthma, seizures, eczema, autism, autoimmune conditions, and other health challenges like their vaccinated siblings did.

The CDC has refused to create a vaccinated vs unvaccinated health outcomes study because they know if they did and published its true findings, parents would immediately cease to vaccinate or never start. In the few small vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies that do exist, the outcomes are always the same: the unvaccinated are healthier in every possible way, every time. This is not a coincidence! This is science, actually.

Vaccines Do Not Work
Aggressively overstimulating the immune system with adjuvants in order to force a TH2 immune response (while ignoring the important TH1 immune response) to create antibodies to injected antigens does NOT create immunity – it simply creates an allergic reaction. This is why the vaccinated can and do get the disease they were vaccinated against and the way the vaccine industry handles this inconvenient truth is by blaming the unvaccinated to ensure corrupt politicians will mandate vaccines on the entire population (to eliminate the “control group”) rather than to admit they’ve been using a faulty medical process this entire time. Antibody production is NOT immunity!

History Shows Natural Immunity Is Superior
The original “vaccine” that stopped disease outbreaks and healed the sick was homeopathy, which was later inverted, perverted (via vaccine creation) and essentially outlawed in the early 1900s to make way for the allopathic industry. Cleaning up the sewage, refrigeration of food, elimination of child labor, homeopathy, and other factors contributed to the radical reduction in death from infections during the 20th century, not vaccines. In fact, death from measles, for example, declined 99.96% before that vaccine was introduced and death from measles has since actually gone up, not down, after mass vaccination. Those who get measles naturally wind up with lifelong immunity – something the vaccine can never do. It’s all a sham with nefarious undertones.

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I hope you’ll take time to watch the fifteen minute video on this homepage.  If you’d like to learn more about How To Raise A Healthy Vaccine Free Child, you can take my free twelve-part course or purchase the PDF version to help support my efforts to create more family documentary videos and reach more parents with this vital information. 

Natural Immunity & Vaccine Questions?
Join our forum and ask questions! My Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group was a success because parents were able to ask questions and get answers. You can now do that right here in my forum. JOIN FORUM HERE

Help Support My Mission
My mission is to reach as many parents as possible with this vital information. I’ll be creating more family video interviews and I will also be interviewing experts for this website. You can help support my mission by sharing this website and the various pages on this website, by educating yourself on the topic (take my free course), by donating to me and by purchasing the PDF version of the free course.

Together, we can help create a new generation of children, Unvaccinated Children, who are surely a Beacon of Hope for Humanity!

Larry Cook
Founder and Director

These Five Unvaccinated Children Are Healthy, Happy, Active, Social and Smart!

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I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK!

I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK! is the story of an unvaccinated child named Nicholas Novaks, who shares the many reasons why his parents have chosen not to vaccinate him. Nicholas explains his parents’ personal concerns about vaccine injury, the importance of finding a doctor they can trust and openly speak with, the research they did before making this decision, and what life is like for an unvaccinated child who has an older, vaccine-injured sibling. Join Nicholas as he shares what it means to be an unvaccinated child in today’s world and why one’s personal choice regarding vaccination must always be respected.


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WiserNow (@guest_3)
2 years ago

First, I am so excited and cannot wait to share! Second, I really liked the father’s comments comparing his children to the other children. It is so convincing, that he has protected his children from chronic disease, and disability. I also find the parts about their development convincing. My older sister could read at four and I was lightly vaccinated and I could read and understand much of Tolstoy at age seven, before I received a round of vaccines in second grade.

Zarah Roubian
Zarah Roubian (@guest_5)
2 years ago

Awesome documentary Larry, miss you!

Britta (@guest_7)
2 years ago

Congratulations to this wonderful family with such healthy kids! I am so happy to see there are parents who keep their children vax free. My own grand child, a girl of 5, is also 100% vaccine free and she is equally very healthy, intelligent and full of joy.

Denise (@guest_9)
2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Cook

My son is searching for a pediatrician in LA County who will accept unvaccinated babies as patients. Can anyone Help with finding doctors?

John Calvin Jones
John Calvin Jones (@guest_12)
2 years ago
Reply to  Denise

Your son does NOT need to take any baby to ANY MD – especially not in Vaxxifornia. I am from LA (left in the 1980s). I still have family in LA – they are Vaxxed-up and lost.

Mary Jane
Mary Jane (@guest_15)
2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Cook

You may alternatively seek a holistically-minded doctor, such as a chiropractor. See for more information from them on family care – pediatricians are not necessarily the best choice.

Roxanne (@guest_11)
2 years ago

Vaccine-free children are truly humanity’s hope, and we desperately need to see their numbers soar. Thank you for this site — another critical tool in the arsenal of excellent information/sites on the dangers and archaic paradigm of vaccination.

May I suggest that *** has a far more powerful connotation and breaks through the negative programing and brainwashing that the public have been spoon fed. Anyway, I always use the term vaccine-free as it’s an empowering term, that lays out that we aren’t “vaccine deficient” in need of a toxic, poisonous cocktail.

All the very best… Please consider producing bumper stickers to reach the NON-choir. Thank you!

John Calvin Jones
John Calvin Jones (@guest_13)
2 years ago

Great work Larry. Thank you. My daughter is vax (poison) free. She will be 16 in June. No ear infections, no candida issues, no allergies, no cognitive issues, no cancer, no cavities!!!

Smith R
Smith R (@guest_16)
2 years ago

Is there a support group to speak on phone or in person?

Smith R
Smith R (@guest_17)
2 years ago

My son is 5 and never vaccinated but with school approaching it’s got me concerned about options.

Smith R
Smith R (@guest_20)
2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Cook

I agree. My heart won’t let me vaccinate my precious boy. Even if my brain says do it my heart won’t.

Smith R
Smith R (@guest_22)
2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Cook

I’m not a doctor but my feeling is based on the doctors oath of “do no harm”

Susan Musta
Susan Musta (@guest_24)
2 years ago

are there any pediatricians, (who take mainstream health insurance)that will take children into their practices that are unvaccinated? Have not found any in Austin, Texas!

Jerry (@guest_26)
2 years ago

Excellent doc ! Brings some much-needed good news!

Karina (@guest_27)
2 years ago

My midwife unfortunately bullied me into getting the TDAP vaccine when I was pregnant with my son, 5, and he has some mild allergies to the basic allergens like wheat, cow’s milk, soy, peanuts, but his biggest ones are to cat and dog dander. He is vaxx free aside from that shot, but I’ve always felt that’s what contributed to his allergies. He has thriving and super ahead in his Montessori preschool, and even though we’ve always had a cat and dog his allergies to them only cause a runny nose and he barely gets sick! My daughter who’s 3 hasn’t had a single vaccine has no allergies or chronic Illnesses. Being bullied into getting the Tdap was awful, but it opened my eyes to research and I went down the rabbit hole real quickly, realizing they didn’t need the vaccines. After all, I’m fully vaccinated and I still got the chicken pox, measles and mumps as a kid 🤦🏻‍♀️

Karina (@guest_44)
2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Cook

Thanks so much for replying! I’ll make sure to use the detox spray with my kids and hope we get those amazing results.

Carol 42
Carol 42 (@guest_28)
2 years ago

Viruses don’t exist; they are created in the lab by virologists; they take a culture, irradiate it, poison it, and then starve it until it starts to die; this state of putrefaction is then called a “virus”. Viruses were invented by Big Pharma to justify the use of vaccines. ALL vaccines are poisons to a lesser or greater degree. The reason why our children are so sick today is because of the vaccines. 

Think about it. If viruses don’t exist, then why the need for ANY vaccine?

Dare to Ask: Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Stefan Lanka & Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Freedom, Fear and False Science about Viruses and the Nature of Reality Itself
The Hidden Science: The Real Cause of ALL Sickness & Dis-ease!
It’s the Terrain

Joan (@guest_29)
2 years ago

Wise Parents- hope this video will be a positive influence for those sitting on the fence about vaccinations.

Mamabear (@guest_35)
2 years ago

My, paramedic at the time, husband asked me to look into vaccines before our first son was born more than 16 years ago. We decided to postpone vaccines then space them out. But as time went on and we researched more and saw how often their friends got sick, we just never got them vaccinated. Well, our oldest wants to go into the military so we just started slowly been getting him vaccinated over the next few years before hand so they don’t dose him up with everything the first day. Our children have no known allergies, get over whatever illnesses they have caught quickly, and are all athletic, smart and healthy.

Mamabear (@guest_58)
2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Cook

Thanks. I had him do the detox spray and drops you have on your site for at least a week after each last year. (And bouncing on the trampoline to clear his lymph system.) I’ll have him add Vit C and NAC after the ones he gets this summer.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mamabear
John (@guest_37)
2 years ago

When I see people like this, I actually start to get angry. This is how it’s supposed to be! Why is this the exception? When one considers that our medical system was hi-jacked right around the same time(early 1900s) as our monetary system, and by basically the same cabal, and that we’ve all largely been asleep for the last 100+ years, allowing the central bankers to bleed us dry by “printing” OUR “money” and LOANING it to us at interest(which is the only reason we even need income tax!) as well as giving the so-called medical system(bigpHARMya), without any fear of liability, carte blanch on force-feeding our kids these poisons,(because of all the bribery that is being allowed), it is time for the population as a whole to WTFU and see what’s really going on here. They have been making a killing while literally killing our kids for decades. Now they have their sights set on every one of us. And it’s all part of the plan.

Bill (@guest_38)
2 years ago

As a supporter of my wife’s midwifery practice, I was hoping this film would be something I could pass along to her clients that are all wrestling with the whole vaccination question. We were both fully vaccinated due to our military service and we believe my wife’s multiple sclerosis was caused by the Hep B vaccine she got in the late 80’s. We are in complete agreement with your point of view as both our 35 and 36 year old children were never vaccinated and are incredibly healthy to this day. I would say that the family presented in the film came across as a bit elitist in the films presentation. We all love our children and that definitely came across, but most of the children in the U.S. don’t have the advantages obvious to the children of this late blooming family. Should you choose to do another film might I suggest several families instead of one. More public than private school attendees. A discussion of how to navigate choosing to be unvaccinated would be VERY helpful to parents interested in this route. I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Paul Thomas last year about the study his pediatric practice did comparing their vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. You are probably aware of it. Our parents find the peer reviewed results from this study to be extremely compelling in this argument.

Dr. Thomas could use all of our help as he is being attacked by the Oregon Board of Medicine for telling the truth and sharing his peer reviewed study showing that unvaccinated children under EVERY metric were significantly healthier than the vaccinated children in his practice. We REALLY appreciate the efforts of folks like you that are making a difference in helping families make educated choices on such a serious subject.

SingleMom (@guest_77)
1 year ago
Reply to  Larry Cook

Waldorf tuition is typically over $20K USD per child per year. There are only a few Waldorf schools with tiered tuition based on income. My unvaxed child will only be able to attend a Waldorf school if we get a need-based scholarship. Meanwhile, all of the unvaxed families I know have their kids in public schools, but do not share their vax status with anyone. It would be great to show some families with kids in public schools and discuss how they navigate the increasing barriers/mandates of the system while helping their kids thrive. I see some such families in the Vaxxed II documentary.

Dean Anello
Dean Anello (@guest_99)
1 year ago
Reply to  SingleMom

Hey our Waldorf school
Was public. Part of LAUSD. We could
Never afford private school. Since this video was shot of our family we have pulled out our kids from school
And are homeschooling it’s been a heat experience. I highly suggest getting outbid the education system and finding a tribe of like minded parents. It helps with more people involved.

dee (@guest_40)
2 years ago

Have been on this journey for decades , my girls are 16&14, healthy, very creative and suffering the C jab discrimination and what seems to be shedding effects from others as nearly all friends received ! it is hard times for youth right now , however they are both innately know their bodies are their own and have no desire for the coerced and peer pressures jab 🤞💪🏼 I have been educating and coordinating panels on vaccinations for years and have precdicted this C-Jab time awhile ago ! in Australia the ‘No Jab No Play’ Policy leads us right to this path ! We need thousands of videos like these showing ALL our unvaccinated children and flood the world with what it means ! Would be keen to connect Larry on an incredible concept that aims to create planetary change via our Gen Zers world wide 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon
Dr. Kevin Stillwagon(@drkevinstillwagon)
2 years ago

This live PowerPoint from a retired chiropractor and airline captain who never got a vaccine of any kind explains how innate immunity provides prevention of infection without antibodies, and how “vaccines” destroy this innate immunity.

JOHN GIANNOLA (@guest_45)
2 years ago

Incredible and beautifully told documentation and evidence that must be shared and not concealed or censored from the general public!

Oscar (@guest_46)
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this story. You are a beautiful family. You are an example.

Tosh (@guest_47)
2 years ago

Hello. I loved this documentary. I must admit though, it was a little discouraging. My daughter suffers from asthma, food allergies with anaphylaxis, food urticaria, walked late, has learning limitations and was NEVER vaccinated. We live extremely holistic lives. She is on all holistic supplements, we use all natural cleaners (baking soda and vinegar) no neurotoxin laundry or artificial fragrance. Nothing that can interfere with her health. Yes, we as parents were vaxed, but most of these parents who have quote on quote “healthy unvaccinated kids” have as well. We have done every detox, gut healing protocol etc…. I feel it is unfair to say that all unvaccinated kids are perfect. They aren’t. Our environment is to blame as much as vaccines. This kind of broke me to be honest. Everyone asks immediately if she’s had shots. Never a single injection.

suelo (@guest_48)
2 years ago

I wish I knew this 30 years ago- when they introduced the chickenpox vax and HPV it never sat right with me- I didn’t give my children HPV- wish I had the internet when they were younger, my youngest already decided she won’t vax her children(when she has) and will probably homeschool I sent her information about the group I think the hardest part is finding people/Dr’s that teach you and guide you when you know better but still want guidance

Chris&Wade Sharrock
Chris&Wade Sharrock (@guest_51)
2 years ago

supper stoked you’ve been able to provide this information to others. 18yrs in with our unvaxxed child, never seen a Dr. never been to hospital, no dietary issues. The only issue we’ve ever had is from interfering Gov over reach, but as a young Adult now God help anyone trying to restrain her abilities to thrive going forward. Much love from Oz.

Lisa (@guest_53)
2 years ago

So glad you created this! I will share it with my son who is soon to be married. Perhaps this will help him to see the truth before vaxxing children to be!

Suzanne matthews
Suzanne matthews (@guest_56)
2 years ago

We don’t need any vaccines….they are all bad, they are nothing more than drugs,poisons….drugs only cover up problems or cause the very disease they were meant to prevent …polio vaccine one of the biggest frauds!!!!

Jenevieve (@guest_63)
2 years ago

All of my kids are unvaccinated, were birthed naturally and were breastfed over two years each. They are very healthy and are all in their twenties now.

Kathleen Russano
Kathleen Russano (@guest_73)
1 year ago

My sons having a baby and I wanted to send him information on vitamin k and the newborn
Do you have a link I can read?
Thank you

Marissa (@guest_75)
1 year ago

Im a 45-year-old woman, only had 1 vaccine as a baby and never another one! I have no allergies, naturally thin and healthy.

Deborah (@guest_78)
1 year ago

My unvaccinated children are 25 and 22!

Désirée L. Röver
Désirée L. Röver (@guest_79)
1 year ago

As a medical research journalist of the last 25+ years I spoke with many scientists and doctors who KNOW that vaccination is a total FRAUD, dnd that pharmaceutical medication only shifts and adds symptoms and never solves, heals or cures anything…
After thoroughly having studied the history of both vaccination and Western patent medicine, it is clear to me that there is only ONE conclusion: both are insane inventions, leading only to maiming and killing the recipients.
Western patent medicine and vaccination are a slow kill business model.
Vaccination turns people into lifelong patients, with Big Pharma as the only winning party.

Now, with the Covid plandemic, the gloves are off, and everybody can see the reality of what I here describe…

Eric (@guest_88)
1 year ago

here on 3/21/23 and video won’t load. received 500 service not available. hope you aren’t being censored.

Victoria Ferris
Victoria Ferris (@guest_93)
1 year ago

What to do when these children are your grandkids (I’m grandms), and when I was informed that my grandkids were getting Vaxed, and asked my son WHY?,. I’m now “cut off”…. 😢

Carnivore mom
Carnivore mom (@guest_95)
1 year ago

I became horribly sick from vaccines when I was a toddler, so my parents eventually stopped taking me for more shots. They also used formula at the doc’s suggestion, whatever recommended medication, and forced a low-fat plant-based diet, just like the government recommends. I continued to be sick often for most of my life, sometimes monthly. It was a similar story with my husband.

Because of my experience, I knew that I had to do things differently for my toddler. I refused to vaccinate or medicate her at all. She also has all of the grass-fed, fatty meat and dairy which she wants. She’s never been sick. No colds, no diarrhea, no fever, nothing! She goes outside daily and sees other kids at parks and playgrounds and so on, but has never caught anything, and doesn’t have allergies. She’s healthy with good teeth (never brushed, because we also avoid plastics) and good vision. I just hope that I can have more like her.

Leinani (@guest_97)
1 year ago

I’m SO glad I found your site. My older 4 keiki were vaccinated, sadly I didn’t know all the real info from 24 years ago up until a few years ago to what I currently am aware of now. The sinister lies that we’ve all been fed regarding the medical industry amongst other facets within our society, are horrendously evil!
My baby number 5, whom is almost 6 months old, is unvaxed and I fiercely will stand by my decision indefinitely.
Thank you for all that you do to assist humanity.
PS… I have a 1700 paged binder of vaccine info of which I purchased from a mom who’s kids were vaccine injured. She’s another beacon of light whom is assisting other moms and dads🙏🏽

iya (@guest_107)
1 year ago

Bravo. Finally I see someone else realizing homeopathy was the original phrophylaxis which was later distorted to create injectable vaccines. Kudos to you sir for your intelligence & work in spreading truth.

Paul Cressman
Paul Cressman (@guest_109)
1 year ago

Thank you, I had no idea. We are talking about children’s lives. Thank you so much for warning us about vaccines!

Aida (@guest_111)
1 year ago

I wudl give ten years of my life to go back and remove just the 2Gardasil shots I h=gave my daughter and the one Gardasil shot I gave my son, twenty if I could have known way back and not given a single one to all three of my kids: I am a doctor’s daughter, and though I had very few shots as a child, I never quesitoned the vaxes and even gave the Gardasil one listenign to one bastard doctor

Crystal Heeraman
Crystal Heeraman (@guest_113)
1 year ago

I have an unvaccinated 7 month old. We can’t seem to shake this virus, she’s going on three weeks now. Any suggestions?

Artemisia Vulgaris
Artemisia Vulgaris (@guest_162)
3 months ago

Book Suggestion: How to Raise Healthy Children in Spite of Your Doctor. It’s old school but talks about kids and disease. I think a lot of times is a nervewracking with littlies when they are sick but just know that our immune systems benefit from getting sick and getting over sickness. Of course find the doctor that serves you best if you need help. I took my girls to NPs and it was great for us, they understood our stance on V. Take care and hope that baby is doing good.

Michael W Cartwright
Michael W Cartwright (@guest_117)
11 months ago

I am 101% in agreement! I am so not surprised how healthy this family is by avoiding V’s! I was V damaged myself at the age of 7, I am now 61 and having to overcome learning disabilities and dealing with severe nearsightedness since then. God had mercy on me. I have studied V-ology, Epidemiology, and Virology for the past 34 years since our son was V-damaged. We regret letting his Pediatrician talk us into it! Never again! I urge all families to do their own research and not fall for the Socialist and big pharma agenda.

jacquelynsauriol (@guest_121)
9 months ago

Keeping the vaxxed kids away from these kids would be my priority, which the vaxxed kids parents will likely request anyway. Schools that reject vaxxed kids would get my vote.That would also begin to point out the real health of unvaxxed kids.

Becky (@guest_123)
8 months ago

Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I can’t find the link to the 15 minute documentary. I am recommending your site and want to highlight the documentary. Thanks

Mike Ullman
Mike Ullman (@guest_142)
6 months ago

Thanks for the information. I never liked the term “unvaccinated” as it implies reversing or removing the vaccines after the fact. I prefer the term “non-vaccinated.” But that’s just me.

Cheryl (@guest_156)
5 months ago

It’s so awesome to see more and more parents not vaxxing their children. My son is 13 and only had his first shots until I realized it’s nothing more than a money maker and they were not going to profit off my child. I was chastised for it from family and now they realize the difference in our son vs. the others in the family.
Dr. Paul from Portland, Or. lost his medical license after showing a 20 year study of his vaxxed vs. unvaxxed patients. They don’t want that info out.
Stay strong and stand your ground!
Thank you for doing this mini documentary 🔥

Artemisia Vulgaris
Artemisia Vulgaris (@guest_161)
3 months ago

My kids are grown now, 28, 24 and 21. They have not been vaccinated, and believe me it’s really nice knowing that truth & health and wellness is trending. I was fortunate enough to be able to learn from wise women before I was pregnant, about vaccines and how they damage DNA, organs, our nervous system, and still they do not protect from disease. I felt so sad and alone those days, when the kids were young, but had 2 or 3 families who were like me if I ever needed support. Now I know there were probably many more, but all of us were shamed in such a bad way I had decided early on to just be quiet and not discuss it or change the subject. It’s really a warm feeling that I have knowing that the group of anti-poison families have grown. My kids are super healthy and only went to doctors when the school required it for them to play sports. We are also vegetarian and some of us vegan. One doctor told me it’s too bad my son would not grow as tall as his peers. His father is 6foot2 and he has outgrown him at 6foot5. Oh well the few times we did go the doctor understood that we were not vaxxers and he said he had to suggest the Tetanus Vaccine as it’s the only one he absolutely needed. I think what he meant to say was the DPT shot. One of the most damaging, especially to boys, and especially to my son who is biracial. I was like, no. This is getting long but my daughter skinned her knee once really bad and I had a feeling she may have needed stitches. It was scary and I reminded her that they would try to scare her into getting vaccines. I had to leave to pick up my elder step-father from an appointment and told her when I came back that I hoped I would find that she would make the best decision for herself, and I would not judge her no matter what because it’s her body. Of course the doc wanted to give her a tetanus shot. She corrected him and said, “Uh that’s a DPT shot.”, and I don’t want it. They had my mother, her sister, and my husband convinced though…and I warned her that others will buckle but you have to be strong and make the right decisions not based on fear. Of course her knee healed, and she didn’t get Tetanus (or Diptheria or Pertussis). I was amazed at her willpower though. It was amazing to see everyone become Nazis during the pandemic. I forgive everyone, but now the people we have lost at such young ages…and the diseases born of the vaccine they pushed on everyone. I didn’t mind everyone had masks on, just when they were Nazi-style and masked it was scary.

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