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Her Unvaccinated Children THRIVE While Her Vaccinated Ones STRUGGLE

Rachel is a stay-at-home mother of four. At age 32, she homeschools her oldest two: Abel, age 12 and Annabelle, age seven. Her youngest two, Francis, and Henry, aren’t engaged in formal education yet.

Her education style follows the philosophy of Maria Montessori that “play is the work of the child.” Since “play is the highest form of learning,” Rachel feels confident in her choice to delay textbook learning for now. Her husband, Lee, is a training officer for their local fire department.

Rachel explains that they are a traditional Catholic family and attend the Traditional Latin Mass. Their faith is the center of their lives. They live on a beautiful land of ten acres with their in-laws on the same property. Rachel says, “My father-in-law is an E.R. doctor, which comes in very handy sometimes!” She explains that she is completely unvaccinated, while her husband is fully vaccinated.

Rachel adds, “As a child, I always assumed that the reason I was never the one to catch the measles, chicken pox, any virus or ear infection, and every cold or flu, etc., to come around and my cousins or classmates did, was just “ luck” or a “coincidence.” But now, I know it’s very simple. I had an immune system—and mine was simply less bombarded with toxins, so it performed much better than my peers.”

Rachel has noticed amazing cognition and awareness in her (youngest two) unvaccinated children. For instance, she says that Francis, her five-year-old (who has never been vaccinated) “can literally sit for hours and focus on a single task.” When he was two years old, she made him a batch of dough to play with and he sat for more than two hours—rolling it, kneading it, flattening it, etc. in a completely content and quiet meditation-like focus. Rachel remembers being concerned about his neck and back the first time, after two hours of this concentrated activity. However, that was just the beginning of his little meditative “work.”

Now Francis spends literally five-to-six hours a day outside in his little creek he “fishes” in. He has caught countless minnows, toads, crawfish, garter snakes and even shrimp! When he isn’t fishing, he digs for worms and caterpillars. He learned how to hold the stinging ones without being stung (most of the time). Another thing that impresses her is how he can catch flies with his fingers. “Yes, just like Mr. Miyagi!”

Francis doesn’t show much interest in textbook type of learning yet, so Rachel is patiently waiting until he shows more interest. However, he’s very bright and observant and when asked questions, comes up with creative and intelligent answers. Following are just some of the answers from one Q & A session:

Q: What do you like to do more than anything else and why?
A: Going fishing in my yard because there is a ton of awesome sea creatures in it.

Q: What do you want to do when you grow up and why?
A: An aquarium guy because we can scuba dive and pet them and we can sleep with them and that’s really awesome.

Q: Do you like going to school? Why or why not?
A: A little because I love looking at human bodies and I love looking at fruit.

Q: How often do you get sick and what is it like when you do get sick?
A: I get sick a little when I throw up. I got weird feelings when I threw up and when I get a fever, I get more weird feelings.

Q: What kind of meals do your parents make for you and do you like it?
A: She (mom) makes weird kinds of recipes that we don’t know and porridge, and she makes pie. I like bananas and vegetable pizza.

A two-year-old with advanced behavior beyond his years

Rachel’s two-year-old, Henry, has a completely different temperament from Francis. So far, he’s a little ball of unstoppable energy. Rachel says he impresses his entire family with his ability to understand and carry out their complicated requests. For example, when he was only 13 months old, Rachel told her older child, “You can’t close the back door because there’s a rag stuck beneath it.”  Would you believe that little Henry came waddling in from the other room and went straight over to the door and bent down to look at the rag? He then proceeded to yank the rag out from the bottom of the door and slammed the door shut. He finished off his performance by clapping for himself while he ran back to his previous work!

When he was around 18 months old, Henry spilled water on purpose to make a point he wasn’t pleased at all with his family. Rachel pleaded with one of the older siblings to clean it up, and when they protested, she said, “He’s just a baby—he can’t clean it up himself yet. Just please go do it.” Henry jumped up and ran to the rag drawer (a drawer she didn’t even know he knew existed) pulled out a rag, and proudly proceeded to wipe up his own big mess!

Recently, Rachel says they’ve realized that Henry must intuitively know he ought not to “pee in his grandmother’s pool” because he has been getting out of the pool on his own and standing in the grass to do his business. No one taught him this, of course, but all family members clap and say “thank you” when he does. She has noticed also how incredibly compassionate he is with his siblings and their pet cats. He’s also very aware of a family member’s emotions and responds accordingly. If someone is crying, he will walk up to them and look at their face closely and gently pat their back. And he is completely 100 percent vaccine free!

How she keeps their family healthy

Rachel says her family has pretty high eating standards. For years, she tried to juggle balancing good organic nutrition with tasting edible, while staying within their budget. A little over a year ago, Rachel states, “I had been led (by God, I believe) to watch a documentary on the health (or lack of) concerning the animals we were eating from the grocery store and the copious amounts of meat we were so used to believing was normal to consume. So, basically what we ended up doing was simply ‘flipping the food pyramid,’ and now we eat mostly plant-based whole foods. We also take very seriously where our meat comes from, and make sure to spend the extra few dollars on buying organic-only whole wheat bread and grains, organic in most all fruit and vegetables and have replaced sugar with honey in everything possible.”

The result? Rachel explains that after a year of this way of “flipping the pyramid” her husband got off of his blood pressure medication completely and “his allergies were reduced so much that he doesn’t even need an inhaler anymore.” Whenever members of the family do get sick – whether it be a deadly virus or a headache – they turn to homeopathy to treat the disease.

Rachel declares: “The effectiveness of this affordable and safe little gift from God has me pleasantly surprised every time! I am currently taking practical homeopathy classes to better my understanding and confidence with the medicine, because plants are just one more gift from God, like the immune system, that just keep on giving. And the second I think I know enough about homeopathy, I find another new and exciting angle to study about it!”

She continues, “One of the biggest reasons I have peace of mind with our anti-vaccine stance is the fact that we all have a God-given immune system. We know that what we put into our body is what we will get back from our body. We, in fact, reap what we sow. It may be injections of heavy metal neurotoxins into our bloodstream, or trans-fats and genetically modified fake food, or drugs that turn off our bodies’ alarms, creating silent chronic killers instead of true healing.

“Our bodies were designed by God, FOR God and it’s laughable to think that a man-made shot of ‘immunity’ could replace what was never broken to begin with. Consider the fact that the same people feeding us fake food that make us sick are helping fund the industry supposed to make us better—all the while profiting off the sickness. This is enough to make one step back and really consider why we are so trusting of this multibillion-dollar business!”

The overall health and demeanor of an unvaccinated child

Rachel relates that “Francis has never been to the doctor before, other than an E.R. visit when he burned himself badly at age three. The doctors were shocked at how he had been so calm and cooperative; when they had to do a very painful procedure of rubbing off the burned skin. He stayed quiet and still, and I can only think that this was a miracle as he seemed not to feel much pain at all. Regardless of the reason, every medical person in the room was shocked at this.

“Had I known about homeopathy back then, I think I would have stayed home and used the right protocol for burned skin. Anyway, other than that, Francis’ illness record is as uneventful as it can get. He may have had one or two high fevers and a cold, once or twice. Henry has not been sick yet. He gets diaper rashes often especially when I eat dairy (he still breast feeds) and that is all I can complain about with him. Thankfully, neither of them has any allergies or food intolerances.”

Rachel’s journey in deciding not to vaccinate

When asked why she decided not to vaccinate her younger children, Rachel replied, “Abel, my sweet baby boy who is my oldest, was vaccinated from birth. However, I intuitively refrained from vaccines after his first year of shots because I could tell after each session he’d become more and more disconnected and lethargic. It was almost like he’d get sick and never fully recover or “bounce back.” His speech was very delayed, he wet the bed until 9 and would still be if it weren’t for a wonderful chiropractor we know.

“I remember that by three years old, Abel could not count to three. I remember crying and thinking this must be abnormal. I blamed myself for not reading ‘counting books’ enough to him. I blamed him for not focusing enough. I blamed my work and my school taking up all my time making it hard to be with him enough, and therefore affecting his speech and learning abilities.

“When it came time to enroll him in kindergarten, I was informed it was illegal to have him in school without having him current on his vaccines and so hesitantly I went and caught him up. His speech delay, reading, writing, and comprehension seemed all hopeless. He would get ‘bad marks’ almost every day at school for losing his pencils, crayons, books etc. for forgetting this and that. He was crying after school almost daily and I was crying, too. I ended up pulling him out of school eventually and started homeschooling.”

Rachel says that after her second baby was born, she was much more adamant and confident that vaccines were more poison than they were immune therapy, and she decided she wouldn’t vaccinate her now seven-year-old daughter, Annabelle. However, when some members of her family with medical backgrounds kept voicing their disapproval of not vaccinating—combined with the fear mongering of pediatricians—she says she started doubting her gut instincts, or at least, wanting to hide her choices from certain people.

At this point in time, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find unbiased facts about vaccine ingredients online and she eventually became less verbal and less confident in telling her doctors about her anti-vaccine stance. All she had was her intuition. She timidly told the nurse, “I don’t think I want the vaccines (on the morning my sweet Annabelle was born) but they quickly took that to mean I did, and the rest is history. She had all her newborn shots in less than 2 minutes, and there was no going back.” After that vaccine incident, she really began to distrust doctors and nurses and she quietly decided she was done with relying on them to make proper choices for her.

Since she, herself, was never vaccinated and had never been to the doctor once in her entire life growing up, Rachel reasoned that “Surely my kids could be as ‘lucky’ as I was.” Then one night she says she was typing aimlessly on the computer, looking for any answers at all on the TRUTH about vaccines, she found exactly that: “The Truth about Vaccines.” Rachel reports that this particular docuseries is what really gave her not only the confidence, but also the heart and passion to warn and inform as many ears that would hear, of the complete sham the vaccine’s “immunity” offers children, and why it’s a dangerous and selfish hoax.

Rachel takes a proactive stance to protect the integrity of each child’s divinely created immune system. She says if one of her children comes down sick, she treats all diseases with homeopathy, paired with high doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, quality nutrient-rich foods and time to heal.

Choosing the best physician

There are many unfounded myths perpetrated about unvaccinated children causing others to get sick. However, Rachel emphatically does not believe her healthy child is in any way a threat to society. On the other hand, she has encountered other discriminatory practices against her unvaccinated children. For instance, Rachel says that sending them to schools, daycares or even summer camps would be a hassle.

“Since we’re together the majority of the time, I homeschool all our children. Otherwise, our school systems would require an exemption or full vaccination to attend. Luckily, the sports the children are involved in do not ask those irrelevant questions.

“We’ve had to be very selective in our choice of doctors. A former pediatrician had a front desk worker who would very rudely contradict anything I would object to regarding vaccines when I was still dealing with my oldest son and his school requirements. I had originally sought to opt out of vaccinations through religious exemption, and she was claiming that was not do-able. Then she informed me that I could not use this pediatrician if I were to obtain a religious exemption because ‘he did not see unvaccinated children, period.’”

“I happily left this original pediatrician and eventually found a more educated one that doesn’t expect to see the children unless they’re sick and I feel that I need his expertise. To that point, we haven’t had to visit him yet, other than our original meeting and standard follow up to meet the requirements for the birth house where I gave birth to my last son.”

“There are still people who don’t understand why I don’t vaccinate. However, I think this plandemic has been waking many people up to the fact that the CDC and WHO care very little about our health and so people have been responding very differently when the vaccine topic comes up. I usually begin by pointing out that ‘We have an immune system’ and ‘It’s Designed by God’ and ‘I don’t need to inject a bunch of neurotoxins into my perfectly healthy child just so we can stay healthy.’ Usually, those 3 lines in that order, receive a reasonable response from whomever it is.”

Rachel’s advice to parents and parents-to-be who are on the fence about going vaccine free

“I’d say that we were socially engineered to blindly trust “the experts.” We were taught not to question or even think to question who is funding them. Ask yourself who wrote the curriculum that my doctor learned from. Was it MERCK? Ask yourself why the vaccine industry isn’t liable for death or injuries and why the same companies that profit from vaccines are writing the curriculum for my doctor on how ‘necessary, safe, and effective’ vaccines are for health and safety. I’d also implore parents to watch “The Truth About Vaccines.” Watch Dr. Susanne Humphries (who gave up her whole career for simply bringing truth to light) describe the exploiting of pandemic outbreaks that were used to justify mass vaccinations. [READ DR. HUMPHRIES BOOK: Dissolving Illusions]

“It doesn’t take rocket science to connect the dots. Bill Gates has openly admitted he wants to lower the global population by several million people if they ‘do a really good job with vaccines.’ Now consider that this same man is holding ‘vaccine campaigns’ in third-world countries.

“Last, there is a feeling of freedom and a sense of peace when you see your vaccine-free child with an immune system that is allowed to work freely and efficiently, untainted by heavy metals, fetal tissue, and formaldehyde. Just the way God designed. And no doctor or scientist could even come close to designing something as efficient and perfect as the body’s natural immune system. I’d say to equip yourself with both sides of the information, and then let your intuition lead you from there.”

Rachel compares the health of her vaccinated children to non-vaccinated children

“I have two partially vaccinated children: my oldest who has had the most out of all and my second, who was vaccinated at birth only. My oldest has struggled since the day he was born. At first, he had terrible colic and constipation. He started having trouble latching on in breastfeeding despite him latching on fine the moment after birth. The trouble with latching on led me to quit breast feeding after trying for a month and after he wasn’t gaining enough weight. He continued to be ‘too small’ for his size and spit up often.

“Once he was older, his speech and motor skills seemed to pick up quickly and seemed to be hitting growth spurts. Then I took him for a one-year-old vaccine appointment. Ever since that day, he has never fully bounced back. My mother was the first one to notice his motor skills had seemed to regress and his attempts at saying words stopped. He became lethargic and floppy when he’d crawl and walk. Bedwetting and night terrors were a problem for nine years until a chiropractor helped him. He has so many food allergies and food sensitivities that I’m still unsure which food causes which reaction, but some of the symptoms are feet and hands swelling and itching, rashes on face and neck. He’s still very lethargic and floppy at times.

“My daughter, Annabelle, is generally healthy. As a baby, she had violent meltdowns that would last hours. When she was a toddler, she seemed to have anxiety or was highly sensitive to noises, textures, too many new faces at once, and she’d end up melting down, not being able to process it. It was so bad one day that I was sure something was wrong with her. I found the ‘highly sensitive child’ “diagnosis” and started handling our outings accordingly. Currently, she has a texture issue where she will want to change her clothes several times a day. She has a stomachache almost every day. I’m not sure if it’s from anxiety or from a food intolerance or something else, but it is ongoing. Compared to my other two unvaccinated children, the best way I’d describe it is: drama, drama, drama; money, money, money; diagnosis, intolerance this, and allergy that–while my other two children are just drama free, simple, healthy, happy, ‘nothing to see here’ type of children.”

In conclusion, Rachel emphasizes: “I’m grateful to be a part of one of the most important documentaries ever to be made. Uncovering the truth about vaccine health is a noble task indeed. I thank YOU and everyone involved, and that God blesses this effort!”

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Leslie Guilbeau
Leslie Guilbeau (@guest_120)
8 months ago

I love your story Rachel. I can relate with you because I have one fully vaccinated and injured child and one that is completely unvaccinated. Reactions are different now to unvaccinated and I’m thankful for the awakening. Bless you and your family!

Christina R
Christina R (@guest_168)
9 days ago

I have two sons 21 and 19. Never vaccinated. I can count on 1 hand the amount of times they have combined needed an antibiotic. Neither has ever had an ear infection or illness that lasted more than 2-3 days max. They both play Div 1 college sports Football & ACC Basketball, both have high academics, a positive outlook on life, goals, etc…we never dealt with emotional issues, ADD, anxiety etc..both were very active boys but did not have trouble focusing on school work and other tasks. The reason I chose not to vaccinate was because of family history of reactions from vaccines (Guillen barré), autoimmune diseases and the realization that as a population we are not getting healthier…and we have more vaccines now than ever. My Mom was diagnosed with MS at 36 and CIDP  jettrhyne182 after she had a bad reaction from the flu vaccine. Kids are getting diagnosed with MS and other immune system issues. I grew up with chronic ear infections and tubes. My advice to parents is to do your own research and ask for the ingredients in the vaccines as well as the cautions issued by the vaccine manufacturer. You will be shocked to see what is in these shots. Nobody will tell uou, you must take it upon yourself to research vaccines and decide what you think is best. Don’t get pressured by people who do not have your child’s best interest in mind.

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