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Here’s What You Need To Know About Attention Deficit Disorder and How To Properly Understand and Treat It Without Drugs

In 2006 I co-wrote a book called Victory Over ADHD with a mom who was able to dramatically help her two autistic / ADHD sons with natural medicine and detoxification. She focused on her story and I focused on what to do to help recover from ADD/ADHD. That book went out of print in 2007 and so I then published my book content online, on a website designed only for computers. In June 2023 I decided to transfer this important information to this website so it can be easily viewed on mobile devices.

I’ve added some additional content to the original book here in the online version because I have gained more knowledge about ADD/ADHD, autism, seizures and other various neurological issues like dyslexia and more. It’s best if you read the entire book (all six lessons), but if you are really pressed for time, you can just go straight to Chapter 5 and do the QuickStart Guide. It would behoove you to understand how and why the late Judith Bluestone, founder of The HANDLE Institute, has renamed Attention Deficit Disorder to Attentional Priority Disorder, discussed in Chapter 3.

This book (course) covers a lot of topics and I go in-depth for many of them, but here’s the short version of the most essential things I recommend you do to improve or reverse ADD/ADHD:

  • Do zeolite detoxification and/or chelation therapy
  • Remove all synthetic food and additives from the diet
  • Take essential fatty acid and amino acid supplements
  • Do mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment
  • Work with a practitioner from The HANDLE Institute

The above are the “bare minimums” and I do have many more suggestions as you read through the book (course). The content in this book is also applicable to autism, seizures, and any disorder involving neurologic function.

I hope you find my book helpful and if you do, please share with others!

In Good Health,

Larry Cook, Author

ADHD Course Lessons

Share to save the children

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