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Administering intervensions to newborm babies


My daughter would like to avoid the administration of the Vit K injection, the erythromycin eye ointment and certainly the Hep B injection when her new baby is born next month.  She is not a candidate for a home birth (through which she could avoid all of these medical interventions), not due to any health issues she has, but because at almost 39 yo she is considered a "geriatric" new mother.

Are there reliable, credible, sound information sources anyone can share that I can then provide to my daughter, that she can share with her doctors, that explains and supports the refusal of these 3 medical interventions to a newborn baby?


You absolutely will not get any support from any doctors at any hospital re these topics. Don't even try. The best she can do is simply state she will; not be getting those. Have her read this Lesson as i discuss the first two here:


Why does a newborn need a sex transmitted disease vaccine? Of course it makes no sense - but doctors will push it anyway.

Her other option is to look into a BIRTHING CENTER ASAP and try to get into one for the delivery.

She should also be taking vitamin C every day and doing bouncy ball exercises to stretch her pelvic floor.

Finally, what creates the easiest birth is a STRESS FREE environment, and a hospital is exactly the opposite of that. Hopefully she'll go to a birthing c enter - something I helped a friend decide to do with her second birth and it was a radically different / positive experience compared to the first which was at a hospital.


I'm the owner of the website, FYI - I just didn't log in.

Share to save the children

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andrew adach
andrew adach (@guest_30)
1 year ago

Brought tears to my eyes. Brilliant! A new tack on the vaccine insanity.I am a 75 years young dancer and my forwarding to 70 or so friends had worth the watch for the dancing alone. Well done Sophia. I hope you listen to Van Morrison.A special thanks to the parents.

Natalie (@guest_59)
1 year ago

How are the parents handling schooling? there are no exemptions where we live

Cherrese (@guest_61)
1 year ago

My biggest issue is finding a doctor our unvaccinated children. The doctors treat us like we are harming our children if we say they aren’t vaccinated. My first child doctor told us we couldn’t come back to the clinic if we weren’t planning to vaccinate our children. We were able to find another clinic and a doctor who understood but she quit and left us with doctors who look us as if we are doing things wrong because we have made the choice not to vaccinate

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