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Mystery liver disease in children right now. Hep a???



Is there any information on the current disease affecting children and their livers? There are over 100 cases in the US thus far, with 9 deaths I believe? 5 requiring immediate liver transplants. Is this this hepatitis? Were these children vaccinated hepatitis? I have been told by doctors that children not vaccinated against hep a, who do get it, will undoubtedly get liver cancer by age 50. Please advise and share. I’m very torn.


Share to save the children

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andrew adach
andrew adach (@guest_30)
1 year ago

Brought tears to my eyes. Brilliant! A new tack on the vaccine insanity.I am a 75 years young dancer and my forwarding to 70 or so friends had worth the watch for the dancing alone. Well done Sophia. I hope you listen to Van Morrison.A special thanks to the parents.

Natalie (@guest_59)
1 year ago

How are the parents handling schooling? there are no exemptions where we live

Cherrese (@guest_61)
11 months ago

My biggest issue is finding a doctor our unvaccinated children. The doctors treat us like we are harming our children if we say they aren’t vaccinated. My first child doctor told us we couldn’t come back to the clinic if we weren’t planning to vaccinate our children. We were able to find another clinic and a doctor who understood but she quit and left us with doctors who look us as if we are doing things wrong because we have made the choice not to vaccinate

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