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Vit k


Though not technically a vaccine, it’s still a foreign substance full of preservatives that our medical system tells us as parents that we need or else our children will die. I’m pregnant with our first who is due in June and I’ve done some basic research to know I don’t want the injection but am getting a lot of back lash from well meaning family members. Do any of you have further resources or testimonies to share so I can educated myself more on the topic?


Yes, in my course.

7. A Healthy Family Is Your Child’s Best Defense

Vitamin K Shot

Vitamin K levels are naturally and purposefully low at birth, to prevent clots and to help with nutritional intake into the cells and rise over the course of the first week. More specifically, delayed cord clamping helps to ensure that STEM CELLS are able to make their way anywhere in the body to do repair work as needed, especially if there was trauma during birth. Adding synthetic vitamin K to the infant can make the blood thousands of times thicker, causing the stem cells to go through sludge, or not move at all, preventing repair. Even natural vitamin K drops can create a sludge that inhibits stem cell transport and repair. Additionally, many of the systems in the body are not developed to handle the vitamin K cycle – hence, another reason why there is low vitamin K at birth.

Hospitals routinely give newborns a shot of synthetic vitamin K for the purposes of preventing brain bleed (even though extremely rare), but the synthetic vitamin K is also highly dangerous and has caused deaths. The alcohol content can cause jaundice in the liver, and the other chemicals can also cause numerous problems, including shock, cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest.

Oral vitamin K drops – like the type found at a health food store – is far, far safer than the synthetic vitamin K shots fond in the hospital, but again, does your infant even need it? In fact, could adding an abnormal amount of vitamin K cause even more problems?

Definitely read up on this before making a decision. Most crunchy moms opt out of vitamin K entirely for their newborns.


In short, your newborn doesn't need it - and it's actually harmful. Also, read this lesson all the way through - I have other info you will want to see for your birth.


This was very helpful. I knew that babies who receive that vit k shot were more likely to have jaundice but I didn’t know it was related to the alcohol content of the shot. I tried to follow the link but it says page is not found

Share to save the children

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andrew adach
andrew adach (@guest_30)
2 years ago

Brought tears to my eyes. Brilliant! A new tack on the vaccine insanity.I am a 75 years young dancer and my forwarding to 70 or so friends had worth the watch for the dancing alone. Well done Sophia. I hope you listen to Van Morrison.A special thanks to the parents.

David thomas
David thomas (@guest_66)
1 year ago
Reply to  andrew adach

How were you able to raise your children unvaxed schools doctors etc ?

Natalie (@guest_59)
2 years ago

How are the parents handling schooling? there are no exemptions where we live

Cherrese (@guest_61)
2 years ago

My biggest issue is finding a doctor our unvaccinated children. The doctors treat us like we are harming our children if we say they aren’t vaccinated. My first child doctor told us we couldn’t come back to the clinic if we weren’t planning to vaccinate our children. We were able to find another clinic and a doctor who understood but she quit and left us with doctors who look us as if we are doing things wrong because we have made the choice not to vaccinate

Karen L
Karen L (@guest_160)
2 months ago
Reply to  Cherrese

Are there any chiropractors in your area? I work for one and most chiropractors do not vaccinate their kids and they might know of local doctors that won’t push vaccines.

Danielle (@guest_101)
1 year ago
Reply to  Cherrese

My argument there would be as my friend did if you can sign something guaranteeing that my child will not be harmed I’ll vaccinate. Problem is they won’t and will shut up.

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